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  • Director of Non-Traditional Education Programs JobID: 2208
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    Coldwater Academy Program

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    until filled

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    Board Policy and District Procedures

    POSITION DESCRIPTION: Director of Non-Traditional Education Programs
    (Administrative Compensation Guide)

    I. General Description:

    The Director of Non-Traditional Education Programs provides leadership in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating the District’s alternative education programs. The Director must possess managerial oversight skills to the instructional program and school operations to ensure a school climate and fosters the educational development of each pupil in the alternative educational setting. To perform this job successfully the Director must provide school-level long-term and day-to-day management of online courses and alternative education programs. The Coordinator supports the educational philosophy and objectives of the District and provides leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible educational program and instructional practices in accordance with the District’s philosophy and objectives. The Director completes special projects covering a wide variety of areas as assigned by the Superintendent and Educational Services Administrator.

    II. Qualifications:
    1. Minimum of a master’s degree and three years of successful teaching experience.
    2. Current Arizona teaching and principal or superintendent certification; SEI endorsement.
    3. Valid Department of Public Safety (DPS) IVP Fingerprint Card.
    4. Exhibits broad knowledge of the principles and practices of school administration and of current educational trends in online education.
    5. Articulates knowledge of strategies and material for the education of English Language Learner students.
    6. Demonstrates leadership skills in the areas of curriculum development and program evaluation; staff development and school improvement related to alternative education.
    7. Excellent administrative and/or teaching experience, preferably with students who need remedial and supplementary services.
    8. Demonstrates excellent organizational skills and the ability to motivate people.
    9. Excellent integrity and demonstrates good moral character and initiative.
    10. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and program evaluation, child growth and development, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessment and diagnosis, and research related to learning.
    11. Demonstrates enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff, administration, parents, and the community.
    12. Demonstrates the ability to use electronic equipment for word processing, data management information retrieval, visual and audio presentations, and telecommunications.
    13. Demonstrates the ability to interpret data, prepare and present reports.
    14. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Governing Board and Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.

    III. Duties & Responsibilities:
    1. Implements day-to-day management and oversight of the district’s Non- Traditional Education Programs and initiatives.
    2. Aligns the implementation and development of online and alternative education programs to the District’s vision and mission.
    3. Collaborates with staff in technical and pedagogical organization of courses and with online partners and curriculum designers who produce online course content.
    4. Assists faculty with instruction and students in course engagement.
    5. Prepares and submits course descriptions for online and lab courses.
    6. Serves as an in-house expert in online education and the learning management system used by the District, and makes recommendations to enhance effectiveness of on-line and lab teaching for both staff and students.
    7. Collaborates with other district departments to organize programs that raise awareness of and develop competencies in online teaching and learning.
    8. Assists in evaluating online teaching and assesses effectiveness of this method of instruction.
    9. Maintains, operates and oversees AFUHSD’s Arizona Online Instructional (AOI) program including but not limited to:
      1. Implementation of District-approved on-line learning platform
      2. Marketing and accessibility plan
      3. Vision and strategic plan for program aligned to District strategic plan
      4. All aspects of funding, cost, budget in cooperation with District Finance Department
      5. Monitoring, documentation and optimization of student achievement
      6. Liaison relative to coordinated student credits/grades with home schools when applicable
      7. Responsible for maintenance, operation and oversight of AFUHSD’s Credit Recovery Program, including but not limited to:
        1. Coordination of credit recovery services provided to students on each District campus
        2. All aspects of daily operations for students physically attending Coldwater Academy
        3. All aspects of funding, cost, budget in cooperation with District Finance Department
        4. Monitoring, documentation and optimization of student achievement
        5. Liaison relative to coordinated student credits/grades with home schools when applicable
        6. Coordinates research initiatives related to online education.
        7. Supervises the registration and placement process for students placed within the District’s Non-Traditional Education Programs.
        8. Develops all registration, referral and monitoring forms, in order to meet district, state and federal requirements.
        9. Serves as liaison between all AFUHSD of the schools and the Non-Traditional Education Programs in areas of placement, monitoring and evaluation of students.
        10. Makes recommendations regarding professional development activities for Non-Traditional Education Programs personnel.
        11. Supports the implementation of districtwide Professional Learning Communities according to PLC definitions, District/site established parameters, and non- negotiables.
        12. Collaborates with Educational Services, site principals and teachers to develop,monitor, and adjust interventions and advancement structures that meet the academic needs of the students.
        13. Is responsible for administering disciplinary procedures for the students enrolled in Non-Traditional Education Programs regarding the District’s Code of Student Conduct.
        14. Serves on districtwide committees concerning students in Non-Traditional Education Programs.
        15. Supervises assigned personnel, conducts annual performance evaluations and makes recommendations for appropriate employment action.
        16. Assists in the procurement, examination and implementation of available technological and instructional resources pertinent to the alternative educational programs.
        17. Supervises the planning and implementation of relevant dropout prevention and credit retrieval programs, and assists in the development of the dropout prevention and credit retrieval curriculum.
        18. Provides support and services to the schools in dealing with potential school dropouts and recommends appropriate alternative education strategies.
        19. Oversees the District summer school program to include collaboration with site counselors and administration, student enrollment, personnel and curriculum.
        20. Collaborates with Educational Services and Accountability departments regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, and student achievement.
        21. Assists in projecting and reporting of Non-Traditional Education Programs’ Full Time Equivalency (F.T.E.).
        22. Promotes, elicits and enhances community involvement in the areas pertaining to assistance and understanding of At-Risk Students.
        23. Conducts staff meetings as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.
        24. Plans and supervises regularly scheduled parent/teacher conferences; and makes arrangements for special conferences as necessary.
        25. Informs the Superintendent of school activities and needs, and works cooperatively with district office staff on matters relating to the school and the district.
        26. Prepares required federal, state and District reports.
        27. Maintains confidentiality of information regarding students, staff, parents and school issues.
        28. Provides a welcoming atmosphere for students, staff, parents and community.
        29. Performs responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner.
        30. Performs other duties as assigned.

        31. STATUS: Certified/Exempt Administrative Evaluation
          Reports directly to and evaluated by
          Educational Services Administrator

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