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  • 2021-2022 Assistant Principal JobID: 2590
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    Administration/Assistant Principal

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    Canyon View High School

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    (Administrative Compensation Guide)
    1. General Description:
    The Principal administers District curriculum, instruction, assessment and student services initiatives. The Principal is responsible for the organization, direction, administration, supervision and evaluation of the school facilities, programs and activities (curricular and extracurricular), and personnel to ensure compliance with policies and procedures prescribed by federal law, the State of Arizona, the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), the Agua Fria Union High School Governing Board and the Superintendent. The Principal supports the Superintendent’s implementation of and promotes the educational philosophy, vision, mission and goals of the District. The Principal provides leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and environment for teaching and student learning.
    1. Qualifications:
    1. Minimum of an earned master’s degree from an accredited institution, preferably with the completion of the equivalent of one year of graduate work beyond the master’s degree; course work must include administration, supervision, leadership and secondary school curriculum.
    2. Valid secondary and principal certification in the State of Arizona.
    3. Minimum of five years of experience in secondary education, at least three of which shall be in the classroom; participation in an administrative internship program and/or successful experience as Assistant Principal desirable.
    4. Demonstrated leadership and ability to work effectively with groups and individuals; demonstrated skills in organizing ideas and presenting them with clarity and conciseness; creative and imaginative approach to problem-solving; ability to make sound decisions and withstand pressures.
    5. Administrative experience at the secondary level preferred.
    6. Strong writing, literacy and communication skills.
    7. Exceptional professional role model.
    8. Leadership skills supporting the planning and implementation of short and long-range site and District goals.
    9. Such alternatives to the above as the Governing Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

    1. Duties and Responsibilities :
    1. Observes, supervises, and evaluates the performance of teachers, administrators and classified staff.
    2. Develops and mentors all staff to ensure optimal leadership growth and capacity. Develops and recommends teaching strategies and programs for the improvement of instruction.
    3. Provides site leadership in the areas of curriculum and instruction.
    4. Assists and supports teachers in developing and maintaining student discipline and appropriate classroom management; assists and supports teachers and other staff members in matters of student attendance and guidance.
    5. Assists with professional development and the development of strategies and programs involving technology, innovations, content standards, and methodology for the improvement of instruction and student learning.
    6. Conducts faculty meetings.
    7. Ensures the timely development of the master schedule of class offerings, staffing and room assignments.
    8. Maintains and continuously evaluates current curricular offerings; develops and recommends curricular innovations; consults, coordinates, and articulates curricular offerings with other Principals and local post-secondary schools.
    9. Stays abreast of modern trends in education through study, observation, school visitations, and attendance at educational conferences.
    10. Supports, continuously evaluates, and insures the adequate supervision of all phases of extra and co-curricular programs
    11. Maintains close relationships with parents and community; emphasizes positive public relations; organizes, attends, and/or insures the appropriate planning and supervision of a variety of public functions at the high school campuses.
    12. Oversight for the organization and supervision of all school activities, including evening events.
    13. Oversight for school safety and responsible for the development and implementation of a site emergency response plan in conjunction with the District plan.
    14. Oversight regarding adequate supervision of students in the classroom, in the cafeteria and restrooms, on the campus, and in the surrounding areas.
    15. Responsible for all campus operations.
    16. Prepares annual budget requests for expenditures for the departments, support areas, and facilities for which the Principal is responsible.
    17. Provides leadership to the administrative team regarding daily attendance and disciplinary needs for students.
    18. Informs the Superintendent of all matters concerning the operations of the school which ultimately may require the Superintendent’s attention.
    19. Continuously encourages students, teachers, and classified personnel to perform to the best of their abilities, in the best interests of students, and to follow best educational practices.
    20. Attends Governing Board and other meetings as required.
    21. Responsible for the administrative leadership of curricular departments.
    22. Ensures that all Advanced ED requirements are maintained.
    23. Ensures that all professional staff are certified and highly qualified; ensures that classified staff have the required credentials for the position in which they will work.
    24. Prepares the agenda and attends regularly scheduled meetings of Department Chairpersons.
    25. Attends meetings, advises, and approves various requests for assigned departments.
    26. Responsible for interviewing and recommending teachers and other personnel to be hired.
    27. Works with the District and site testing coordinators to ensure compliance with all testing requirements for state and District End of Course Assessments, etc., as well as analyzes appropriate data to make instructional learning decisions in the best interests of students and community.
    28. Coordinates and facilitates site council.
    29. Manages complex tasks and delegates appropriately.
    30. Supports District expectations for student success and works in cooperation with all District administrators.
    31. Maintains a welcoming atmosphere for staff, parents, students, and community.
    32. Maintains confidentiality regarding student, staff, parent and school issues.
    33. Performs responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner.
    34. Performs other duties as assigned.

    Status: Certified/Exempt Administrative Evaluation
    Reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Educational
    Services and to the Superintendent
    Evaluated by the Superintendent
    Support from Directors and Cabinet

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